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Who will be the next Ms. California?

Miss California

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Judging a work of art is not an easy enterprise; one must decide by what standards to judge and must, at the same time, justify these standards. It is a most paradoxical task; one inevitably asks, “What is art?” and any answer will only create boundaries, rather, limits for the limitless idea that is art. Much more complex, then would be the enterprise of judging women—living, changing beings very much capable of complex thought themselves—through the entirety of their beauty.

Enter, the image of Miss California. As with many things conceived by the human mind, Miss California is an idea, that is, the idea of the perfect representation of the Californian woman. While indeed there are categories for judging such as physical wellness, validation of opinions, lucidity of speech and so on, the idea that is Miss California remains elusive, forever unknown but will always bring forth many manifestations of the idea. Certainly, though, one longstanding trait of any Miss California is both female empowerment and the desire to better the world on a large-scale. Miss California then stands not for fitting into the physical conventions of attractiveness, but the nature of idea, the forever unknown, the perpetually changing, the possibility of an idea about womanhood and the undeniable human drive to forward change in both herself and others.

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