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Who will be the next Ms. California?

Miss America

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After all the states have selected their own Misses, each of them will have to demonstrate the ideas of sophistication, intelligence, wellness and artistry in the Miss America Competition. Each young woman must become the living embodiment of their respective states, become its beaches, its massive bridges, its skyscrapers, and most importantly, the representation of its people. The Miss America Organization is one of the largest scholarship sponsors to young women in the world with over 45,000,000 USD in academic financial aid for state and local competitors in 2008 alone. There is also an inherent social responsibility to whosoever would be crowned Miss America; one year of social service is required upon acquiring the title. Miss America then is by no means a selfish and exploitative idea targeting young women. On the contrary, it encourages women to be more aware of the world, and to voice out their opinions whenever they deem necessary, thus giving them a more strengthened position in the world arena.

One must not be hasty in his judgment of the idea that is Miss America; it is in fact an avenue where the American woman wishes to empower herself through her own talents and faculties—the idea that is Miss America is ready to forward some significant change in society.

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