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Who will be the next Ms. California?

Miss California Pageant

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It is only natural that the state of California, with waves rushing to embrace the sand while the red-orange desert sun slowly nestles itself behind lightly tinged clouds, proudly produces strong-minded women as beautiful and as varied as the landscape itself. The Miss California Pageant, going on since 1924, is not only the state’s way of acknowledging the undoubted charms of the Californian woman, but also the manner of selecting which of these many women can go on to make the state proud in the Miss America pageant.

Despite what one might be quick to assume, the Miss California pageant does not only promote physical wellness coupled with conventional feminine traits; the pageant actually awards significant college and university scholarships to whomever best embodies the qualities of the Californian, rather, the best manifestation of California. These women are not only breathtaking at first glance; they are well-versed in today’s events and are serious students preparing to enter the world scene that welcomes them with thunderous applause. The Miss California Pageant is not merely a competition of whoever has the most symmetrical face, the best diet, or the most hours spent in the gym; it is a model of female empowerment, with Californian women vying for the opportunity to better themselves and make the Golden State glimmer a little more.

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