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Miss USA

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Since its conception in 1952, Miss USA, and ultimately the Miss Universe Organization, has become one of the most successful programs in the world today. Like its many rival competitions, Miss USA offers scholarships to deserving candidates, which in itself already encourages academic achievement. Critical intelligence is given priority in Miss USA over artistic talents—there is no such portion in the competition whatsoever—and as such, after the evening gown, swimsuit and interview competitions, finalists are given one question, with the entire world holding its breath for her answer. These questions usually revolve around socially relevant issues like (as was recently heavily publicized) same-sex marriages, or general issues about the youth and economy and it is usually these answers that become the highlight of discussion among viewers everywhere.

Beauty and brains, a tired cliché, this writer admits, but this is precisely what the idea of Miss USA is: the alchemy of beauty and brains. Miss USA strives to become the role model for young women in America: headstrong, resolute, physically well, and above all, intelligent. What one finds in the Miss USA competitions, therefore, are women carrying an image of a strong, knowledgeable and culture-rich woman, determined to make their state and, hopefully, their country proud. Any Miss USA, past, present or future, must be prepared to take on the responsibilities of her fame, title and influence.

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